A new contract for Clovis Watson (AGAIN?)?

There is a very interesting item on the Agenda for the April 6 City Commission Meeting. Well, actually this item was placed on the Consent Agenda, meaning it will be approved without discussion when the commission approves the Regular Meeting Agenda. Item B on the Consent Agenda is titled “AMENDED TO CITY MANAGER’S CONTRACT” and the backup materials can be found HERE.

Citizens who have read Mr. Watson’s Resignation Letter to the People of Alachua in the local newspapers may want to read the backup materials for this new contract for the city manager that has been slipped into the Consent Agenda by Mr. Watson and City Attorney Marian Rush. You may have a number of questions about this new contract and the curious timing of its introduction.

Of course there will be no questions, and no discussion of this matter, unless Item B is removed from the Consent Agenda and placed on the Regular Meeting Agenda.


READ  about what happened at the April 6 City Commission meeting in this report by the High Springs Herald:

Alachua city manager’s contract amended, public not allowed to speak


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