My pledge to Alachua voters

“As your commissioner…”

Fiscal responsibility

I will demand fiscal responsibility and oppose wasteful spending, and I will work to make the City’s finances transparent and understandable to citizens and taxpayers, so everyone will know how our money is being spent. The City must live within its means and implement a sound debt policy that will keep the City solvent during these challenging economic times.

Planning and development

As your commissioner, I will support responsible planning and development decisions that prioritize protection of our natural resources and public health and safety, and I will work to ensure that all new development in Alachua pays its own way. New growth is inevitable, but Alachua needs smart, sustainable development that will preserve Alachua’s small town character and enhance the quality of life for all Alachua residents.

Open government and public input

As your commissioner, I will work to implement Open Government policies at City Hall modeled on the policies implemented by Governor Charlie Crist in the Office of the Governor. I will be accessible to all my constituents.and encourage public input on important planning and budget decisions. Alachua citizens will be my only “special interests.”

Smart energy policy

As your commissioner, I will support an energy policy that promotes lower utility bills with energy efficiency and conservation measures, including free energy audits for all city utility customers. I will support a utility contract that provides incentives for investment in local solar power generation.

Drugs and Crime

As your commissioner, I will propose a citizens advisory board to assess the problem of drugs and crime in Alachua, and work to secure public and private funding for local drug counseling & intervention, including treatment on demand for at-risk youth and adults with drug and alcohol abuse problems.

Youth opportunities

As your commissioner, I will work to complete a community center focused on the needs of local youth, and support community-based cultural and educational programs for youth and elders that encourage volunteerism and citizen empowerment.

Traffic safety

As your commissioner, I will lobby the FDOT to work with the City to install more marked crosswalks on the busy thoroughfares in central Alachua, where truck traffic has significantly increased in recent years. I will propose lowering the speed limit on US 441 between Hitchcock’s plaza and Hunter Marine, and work to make central Alachua safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Neighborhood Empowerment

I will encourage neighborhood organizations that empower citizens to work together to improve and enhance the quality of life in their neighborhoods. As a co-founder of Neighborhoods United for a Better Alachua (NUBA) I worked with other volunteers to bring a neighborhood community center to fruition.

Call the candidate if you have questions or concerns about any issue.


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